Gallery To-an at Swissotel!

imageCelebrating 25 years Gallery To-an held a special three day exhibition at the Swissotel in Namba,Osaka from November 25-27. It was a remarkable event, continuously packed with people throughout the weekend. A tribute to Kashiwagi san and the enthusiasm and energy she puts into her work. Very grateful to be a part of such a successful show!


Exhibition in Akashi

imageCloser to home – my exhibition at Gallery Miyabi is now on, and runs until November 21st. Surrounded by fish shops and taco yaki restaurants, it’s a pretty lively area!

Nagoya Exhibition

My Exhibition at Maruei department store in Nagoya starts tomorrow. It goes from November 3rd to the 9th, so anyone in the area please be sure to drop by!


Bizen Pottery Festival 2016

Bizen Pottery Festival this week end and I set up my shop there as usual. Lucky with the weather and a good crowd of people it was a pretty good turnout. An estimated 80,000 to 100,000 people come for the weekend every year, and  it’s good to see that Bizen still has a lot of supporters from all ages and walks of life.



Finished firing!

As usual I was running late with the firing, trying to make pots up to the very last minute – we finished firing last Thursday and I headed off to do the Bizen pottery festival on the Friday!


Exhibition and Live Music

imageOur exhibition an Art Spsce Largoin Ikeda  starts tomorrow (Sept 2), in collaboration with percussion group ‘baobab’ who will be performing live in the gallery on September 4. It promises to be a fun day, tickets almost sold out!

‘Oribe’ exhibitions finished!

imageOur exhibitions at ‘Oribe’ in Tokyo and Nagoya have come to an end! A big thank you to all the staff  and to all who came. It’s time for me to get back behind the wheel now, the wood is split and the clay is coming along. Next event is Kyoto Gojozaka pottery festival in August – prepare for the heat!





‘Oribe’ in Shimokitazawa

Our exhibition in Tokyo started yesterday. It’s not always easy doing a collaboration but the staff here at Oribe have done a great job with the layout, so thank you to them! The exhibition runs until the 12th in Tokyo, and then moves down to Oribe’s other gallery in Nagoya. If you are in the neighbourhood please drop by!