Spring Firing.

Firing now as I write, kiln no.19 with a couple of days to go.

I know I must be a bit late with this one as it’s the first time I’ve fired when the cherry blossoms are out in full. Wonderful weather all week which makes a change as well –  I usually seem to get at least a couple of days rain during the firing. And a mild winter with not much snow means the wood is all surprisingly well dried out!

Exhibitions in Nagoya and Osaka over the next couple of weeks, details coming soon!





Umeda Hankyu exhibition

First show of the year, squeezed in to the end of January!

My exhibition at Umeda Hankyu starts 1/24 and runs for a week until 1/30. 7th floor.

Mostly tableware with some small flower vases and sake ware from my last firing, as well as some larger pots.

大阪 梅田阪急
焼き締めの器 ジェイムス イラズムス展

Morning Rainbow…

First thing this morning, dark cold and wet.

Went out to the shop to get some coffee, skies cleared and this beautiful rainbow appeared! Closely followed by the clouds and rain again… can feel the cold starting to creep in..

Exhibition at Gallery To-an

Last exhibition of the year! My show at the wonderful Gallery To-an in Izumi-shi starts on December 21st and runs right through to the end of January, so plenty of time to visit!

This is my third time showing at To-an and the owner, Kashiwagi san always does a wonderful job both with displaying the pots and showering both myself and all customers  in large servings of matcha, coffee, teas, cakes even the odd sushi lunch so I’m looking forward to it!

Exhibition is mostly of new work with a focus on my new ‘black bizen’ ware, plus a few larger pots from previous firings.

Osaka Takashimaya Exhibition

My winter exhibition is now on at Osaka Takashimaya in Namba, Osaka! New work from my Autumn firing – tableware, sake ware as well as pots for tea and flowers. Exhibition run from Dec 6-12 and I will be in every day!

Photos to follow shortly!

Gallery Jizai exhibition

A couple of photos of our exhibition now on at Gallery Jizai in Kaibara – our most local gallery.

November 17-18 11.00-16.00 All welcome and a French restaurant here as well!