Exhibition in Tokyo

imageStarting this weekend Chihiro and I are holding a joint exhibition at ‘Oribe’ , first in Tokyo and then later in the month in Nagoya. We will both be at the gallery for the opening day in Tokyo, and I will be there on the Sunday as well. If you are in the neighbourhood please drop by, they serve good coffee too!

Gallery Ryu exhibition

Gallery Ryu is a beautiful small gallery in Kyoto. An old ‘machiya’, or town house, it used to house a weaving workshop and family. It has now been tastefully restored leaving much of the original character. My exhibitiion there runs from May 11-22.
image image

Teatime in Taiwan


Taiwan has a great tea drinking culture, brewed in mini teapots and drunk from mini cups. We took a trip there just now and I managed to  grab this quick vid of tea in a teahouse up in the hills.. Click on the caption above

Takashimaya contd..,

imageThis is a ‘cranes neck’ style vase, fired underneath the side firing stoke holes in my last kiln. The top part was covered by another pot, protecting the neck from the accumulated ash and wood. The colours are varied and beautiful, it has a very elegant feel to it. 

Packing up pots ..


Busy packing up pots for my exhibition at Takashimaya in Nagoya which begins April 13th. I’m taking close to 200 pots, mostly fresh from the last firing in March.

Trip to Tokyo

   After 20 years in Japan I finally made it to the Japan Folkcraft Museum in Tokyo this weekend. It’s a wonderful old building with a great collection of old folkcraft, mostly Japanese and Korean, that really makes you marvel at the sensitivity of people in days of old. There was a special temporary exhibition of old, mostly 18 th century Korean work – there were some lovely chawan and tsubo on display – old korean craft has this wonderfully interwoven sense of play and elegance, not always technically so accomplished but very fulfilling and likeable.


After that we headed of to Shibuya where amongst other things we got to see a great many people crossing the road at the famous ‘scramble’ crossroads. Downed a couple of beers and jumped on the shinkansen back to green fields and cherry blossoms…


Spring time again!

Spring is here at last and the cherry blossoms are out in full this weekend. I had a good firing a couple of weeks ago and exhibitions in Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo over the next couple of months. It feels like things are waking up after the dormancy of winter!




Cold days recently, everything frozen solid. I have a woodburner and a paraffin stove going this year and it keeps it at a very workable 20-22c, but go outside and it really is bitter when the wind blows…