After the rains…

After 4 days of non stop 24 hour rain the skies finally broke yesterday and the evening light was just stunning. The whole landscape awash in a green filter from the mountains and rice fields. Such a joy to see blue sky after so many days of grey.

This has been some of the worst weather in Japans’ recent history, to date at least 60 people have been killed, the same number still missing. Over a million evacuated. It’s shocking to see the images on tv of Kurashiki, close to Bizen, engulfed in the floods.

A local graveyard where Chihiro’s grandparents ashes are laid has been completely destroyed as a landslide swallowed it up. This kind of weather, with the mud and waste that ensues means a nightmare of a clear up job, and the scale of it is unprecedented

Reminders of the power of nature come often in Japan…

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