Wood collecting !


Sawn up pine beams!

Sawn up pine beams!

It was quite a good week for wood collecting last week. A Mr Sakai came round to see me to ask if I wanted some old pine boards, I said I’d like to take a look so the next day he took me to this beautiful 120 year old house 10 minutes down the road. He’s the contractor on a major refurbishment job, and out the back was a barn with a dozen 4m x 12inch x 4inch pine beams – old, good wood, full of resin and well dried – just what I need to finish off a winter firing!

Then a couple of days later another call, did I want some pine trees an electrical company just cut down? Yes please! So next morning at 7.30 Mr Tagawa brought them along in his truck and we off loaded them up at the workshop. Very fresh and wet so they’ll be drying for a while, but nice wood.

I almost never say no to an offer of wood and over the years many people have helped me out, sometimes with a little, sometimes with a lot but it all

adds up and I’m always grateful for it. Thank you people!

Fresh pine and oak (kunugi)!!

Fresh pine and oak (kunugi)!!




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