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I have lived in Japan since 1996 and worked full time as a potter since 1999. My journey here has taken me from Osaka, to Bizen and to Tamba, where I have lived with my family since 2004.

The five years that I spent as an apprentice in Bizen have strongly influenced the way I approach pottery and the process of making it. In Bizen, I learnt about the importance of the clay, how to make and use it, and how it underlies the feel of a pot. In Tamba I have been learning about the kiln, the fire, its’ dangers and possibilities. As time goes by, the importance of allowing the clay, forms and firing to work together has become more apparent.

It is a long and demanding process, requiring resourcefulness and flexibility, strength and sensitivity. The clay, the forms, and the firing – from this deceptively simple process can emerge pots with a complex, subtle and long lasting beauty. For me it is a fascinating challenge and I strive to move closer towards the essence of this process.